Life in Quotes

While scanning through Pinterest I saw a blog prompt that was about explaining things in your life through quotes.  So since its been quiet and I’ve been thinking about a few things I decided to find quotes to match those thoughts.

Fear of Failure – I’m struggling currently with feeling inadequate in my performing abilities.  This is elevated right now because I have to learn how to be a student again in rehearsals.  This is especially difficult for me during Mersister rehearsal where there are so few of us and there is no place to hide.


Concern for friends- This week some friends are struggling with a difficult situation and they have been on my mind.  I’m praying they have some peace in their hearts not just this week but always.


Feeling slighted- I’ve been struggling with the realization that a relationship I had didn’t mean what I thought it did.  It has especially been on my mind lately and its hard to swallow sometimes.

a201aec59043de838c195d887536121fFeeling excited – In the past week I’ve gotten some good news about some things coming up in my life.  I won’t share just yet but its gonna be awesome!



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