Mermaid Chronicles: Theater Inspiration

I have always thought of myself as a pretty good singer and a pretty good dancer.  But as for the total package of singing, dancing and acting….well not so much.  While preparing for Mermaid one of my main concerns has been the acting part.  I always thought that if I ever made a show I would be in the ensemble somewhere.  That would mean learning some songs and contributing to the background but not having to create very much.  Well somehow I managed to skip that step and get mid-level casted.  Which means I have a real name, I have singing solos and I have lines.  AHHHHHHH!!!!!

It sort of killing me not being confident and creative enough to just come out with what my characters should be like.  I spent forever preaching to my kids during Cinderella and Honk rehearsals about finding your character and coming up with your own identity.  Now faced with the same challenge I feel like the kids were much better at it than me lol.  Because I am not just a Mersister but also a Jellyfish and a Princess and something else that I haven’t yet figured out, its not just one character that I have to define.  I know it will progress as rehearsals move along and I have a great director that can help me out and some really amazing Mersisters to play off of so I’m not worried but I’ve been looking for some inspiration.  So I turned to my favorite Broadway star ever Sutton Foster.


She is a multi-talented Broadway star that amazes me with every production she does.  I love her voice but my favorite thing about her is her dance skills.  She is a bad ass tapper.  I know you wouldn’t normally but those words together but she for real is.  I’m pretty positive I’ve seen the  Tony performance of Anything Goes a million times.  I watched her perform Forget About the Boy over and over on Youtube when I was preparing for my first ever show choir dance.  I laughed at her unashamed humor when she played Fiona in Shrek the musical.  I also auditioned for a show with one of her songs from the Drowsy Chaperon.  I am just in awe of her.  I want to be her.  I need to start thinking more like her when making my acting choices.  So from now on I think my motto will be WWSFD?  What Would Sutton Foster Do?  That really is the question.


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