The Best “Southern” Experience


For the last 5 years my school’s show choir has been attending the Southern Experience Show Choir Camp at Southern Miss in Hattiesburg Mississippi.  The first year we had two teachers and 5 students attend.  Shortly after I started working with the show choir and they could not say enough good things about this experience.

The following year I was able to attend camp but only for half of it.  The half if did get to experience was fantastic but I wanted the full thing.  So the following year I was able to attend along with almost 20 of our kids.  The camp is a week long show choir and choral intensive.  There is a teacher path and a student path.  The teacher path is amazing!  There are a ton of reading sessions where we get to sing along with other teachers and bring home tons of new music.  The best part for me was the teacher’s show.  We finally had a chance to put our skills and words to the test.  I got a chance to show the kids I actually could dance instead of just talking about it all the time.  We also got to perform choral selections and had our own vocal teachers.  We also had the chance to work with professional choreographers.  I met so many great people there.  I wish I could go back.

The student path is even better for the kids.  They show up on Sunday and audition for the group they will be in.  Once they are chosen for a group they spend the next few days working their butts off for front row spaces and solos.  They do dance rehearsals and choral rehearsals and recently they have started a cappella rehearsals too.  Since we are from Louisiana we do not have a competitive show choir.  In fact we are one of the only show choirs in the entire state.  So for my kids going to this is like heaven.  They work hard because they want to prove their worth.  But the great thing about them is that even though they want to be good they are not malicious about it.  They are truly amazing.  They are the first to befriend people.  They are the first to lend a hand.  They enjoy every single moment of the week and when its time to perform they beam with pride.  If you are anywhere in the south and are a rising 6th-12th grader who is interested in singing and dancing you should totally check this out!  I won’t be able to go again this year because of the show but my kiddos will be there and they will be just as awesome as ever.  So will our choir director.


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