Mermaid Chronicles: Under the Sea

Sunday night was a choreography rehearsal.  I am not in the big dance crew so I wasn’t called until later.  When I walked into the studio the ensemble members were all over  the floor looking completely exhausted.  I thought to myself if that’s what we are in for I’m about to be in trouble.  Since I was early I worked with some of my Mersisters on our dance while the others finished up.

Finally it was our turn to join the group.  The Mersisters are jellyfish in this number.  We had a good time pretending like our jellyfish were doing a Mardi Gras Second Line since they are on some sort of stick we pretended to hold the whole time.  I was happy that I got a little featured jellyfish part with another one of my sisters.  I don’t feel confident in my acting but dancing I got so I’m glad I’m able to show that.  The music is just as fun as the movie version but better because its longer with a long dance break.  I was in awe of my fellow cast mates and how they learned so much in such a short period of time.  This for sure is a high energy number.  I left feeling like I had taken a Zumba class and my sore muscles this morning are proving that it basically was one.

We are just starting on week 3 of rehearsals and we are already done with the first act!  Its insane to me how much faster community theater can move as opposed to my high school experience.  There is no way on this earth we would have finished a 5 minute song in a 3 hour rehearsal with very little break time.  They would have boycotted the show lol.  That being said I’m so glad to be spending my evenings with such talented people.  I can’t wait to watch the first act run through so I can see what everyone else has been doing in rehearsal.  Hopefully I don’t forget my 3 lines.  I feel like its almost harder to remember those than to learn 30 lines.

I can’t wait for everyone to be able to see the hard work we are putting into this production.  Until then here is a video of the Broadway version to get you excited!  Show starts in 1 month and 8 days!!!

Watch Under the Sea with this link


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