So a few weeks ago I got to do a photo shoot with one of the coolest little dudes I know.  I’ve been taking pictures of the Pinto family since they were engaged and I adore them.  Lucas just turned 1 last week and he was having a beach themed part.  So naturally we wanted a beach theme photo shoot but considering we live in Louisiana finding a beach wasn’t going to be so easy.  After going over some option I decided that we would shoot at the Baton Rouge beach, which is really just a lake near LSU with some sand.  But he genuinely looks like he is living it up at the beach.  Even though we had a little trouble getting him to not eat the sand it was a great shoot and we all enjoyed ourselves.  I love watching this kid grow.  Can’t wait to see it for many more years.


I Miss Show Choir

The more I have been doing the show and gaining new friends and having wonderful experiences the more I am missing my babies.  I loved doing theater at my job but my true love was Show Choir.  I had such a special connection with my kids.  I love each and everyone of them to this day as if they were my own.

So last night I decided to look back on some of their accomplishments over the years.  I started off working with them doing a tap number from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  They were really troopers even though they did not know how to tap dance.  Terry was in the oil field at that time so I had lots of time on my hands.  I made every one of them head pieces for this dance and it all turned out so cute.

The next year may have been my favorite year of show choir.  We had gained 2 boys.  We were getting more confident in our singing and dancing.  The kids were excited about the set list.  Our first show of the year was called the Fall Fiesta.  It was Halloween themed and we decided what else can we do but Thriller!  The kids dressed as zombies and KILLED IT!!!  It was then that I realized that these kids responded to costumes. They were so much more invested when they became someone else.  This also changed the reputation of the group.  No one laughed or poked fun at them.  They cheered and loudly and it was the change they needed.

Lastly I went looking for my favorite dance that I choreographed. It was a hard one for me.  There are several that I liked.  We did an 80s wedding version of the cheesy video of the couple dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown.  We did a super fun version of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy with such great costumes and enthusiasm.  But I think my favorite is when we did Alice.  I had seen a number on So You Think You Can Dance to the David Bowie song Fame.  It was set on the grass as though it were almost a fancy My Fair Lady tea party.  I was really inspired by this and decided I could do a tea party dance.  I looked through all sorts of sheet music and then I found it. There was the theme from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  It was so cool and eerie.  It was different than anything I’d heard looking at sheet music.  This turned out I think to be my favorite dance.  It was a mix of contemporary and ballet.  It had props and costumes.  I just loved it.

I know these are no fancy productions but they brought me life for 3 years.  I miss these kids everyday.  I love them so much.  Hopefully one day I will be able to be a part of it again.  But until then I have so much to be proud of.  Not just their work but who they have turned out to be.

Mermaid Chronicles: Workday

Yesterday I woke up bright and early on a Saturday for Mermaid workday. After getting my new kitten the night before and being woken up early that morning as though he was an infant I was not all that excited about it.  But I had a great morning with my awesome cast.

We were given a tutorial about flying set pieces and how many tech crew members there are going to be. After all of that overwhelming information we were given our assignments. I was not up for handling power tools at such an early hour so I joined the paint crew. After painting my entire home I knew I didn’t want to be on the roller crew. So I got assigned to the boat from the Kiss the Girl scene. Which is my favorite part of the whole movie. I got to work with Prince Eric and Arista and a maid. It was the best lol. No really I had such a good time cutting up with everyone and getting paint everywhere.

The best part was when they turned the radio on and it was nothing but Beyoncé and show tunes and we all knew them. We all loved the same things. And in that moment I realized I have finally done it. I have finally figured out my place. These are my people. This is where I am supposed to be.  To quote Ariel “this is where I belong”. And I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Even now I am sitting in the Studio at the theater helping with auditions for Evangeline which is also making me super happy. I have always been the crazy person who loves this show that no one knows about. Now this whole space is full of people who live it and breathe and wrote it for goodness sake! I’m so very happy.

BSOD 2016

There is no denying my love for dancing.  I get excited every year when I get to photograph for my favorite dance company Brittney’s School of Dance.  I’ve known Brittney pretty much my entire life.  When I was a youngster taking dance at Bunny’s we took a pointe class together.  She isn’t much older than me but I just remember her being one of the awesome older girls that we just idolized.  Not long after high school she opened her own studio just down the street from my house.  I wish I would have been able to take classes with her but sadly we was poor lol.  But much to my delight in 9th grade I started working for Mr Bobby and he has always taken her pictures.  Actually he took our pictures when we were little at Bunny’s too.

I always love seeing what she comes up with.  Her dances are original and fun.  They are thought provoking and funny.  Her teachers are amazing too!  I’ve known Lacie just about as long as Brittney and she is the best hip hop teacher I’ve ever seen.  And Taylor and Kristen are so awesome.  I’ve watched them grow up  through their dance pictures and its amazing to see the beautiful young women they have turned out to be.

I loved seeing the children of girls I used to dance with.  It makes my heart smile to see Brittney and Lacie and Erin’s little ones dancing side by side.

I also love seeing kiddos of my friends who just have the most beautiful glow around them from the excitement of being on the stage.

I was exhausted after full day of recital with probably the heaviest camera known to man but it was so worth it.  I love doing this.  I hope I will get to for many years to come.

Mermaid Chronicles: The Process

I’ve been sort of down since we had to put down my poor puppy a few weeks ago so I haven’t really felt much like blogging.  I did remind myself today though that I use this as a positive outlet.  So since its been a very long week full or rehearsal and walking pneumonia, I thought this might cheer me up.

We are officially off book!  We are doing run throughs of acts and last night we did the whole show.  Today we get to have designer run through which I am excited about.  I’ve been trying very hard to raise my confidence and skills because let me tell you I’ve got some seriously talented sisters.  They make me want to do better and try harder.  So tonight when some new faces are in the audience I’m hoping I get a laugh or two which will make me feel a little better.

I’ve learned new things being at a bigger theater.  For one I didn’t realize that turn table rehearsal was so important.  Seriously.  I had never walked on the stage at TBR until this summer and I didn’t even realize there was a turntable there.  Its been an interesting experience riding along waiting for cues and lines.  Its also been an adjustment moving from the much smaller social room to the stage.  Its more room and you have to know what lane you are in and you have to know where the wings cover up things.  Try doing that and remembering you lines and notes and dance moves on a Wednesday night when you have barely slept all week, are sick and haven’t eaten all day.  But the amazing thing about it all is I don’t care.  I’m excited to go to the theater every single day.  I may be sleepy or hungry but I will never complain about this experience.  This has been my dream for so long.  I am savoring it all.

I am especially loving the time I get to spend with my other cast members.  I am usually a very introverted person but everyone is so kind and welcoming you can’t be like that.  I love laughing with my mersisters.  I love talking to the youngins about silly things.  I love being clueless about notes with my alto buddies.  I love talking drag race with my guys.  This has been everything I’ve dreamed of and more and we aren’t even to the good part yet.

So if you are in the Baton Rouge area in June come and see us!  You can get your tickets here:

And take a look at these amazing cast mates of mine.