Mermaid Chronicles: The Process

I’ve been sort of down since we had to put down my poor puppy a few weeks ago so I haven’t really felt much like blogging.  I did remind myself today though that I use this as a positive outlet.  So since its been a very long week full or rehearsal and walking pneumonia, I thought this might cheer me up.

We are officially off book!  We are doing run throughs of acts and last night we did the whole show.  Today we get to have designer run through which I am excited about.  I’ve been trying very hard to raise my confidence and skills because let me tell you I’ve got some seriously talented sisters.  They make me want to do better and try harder.  So tonight when some new faces are in the audience I’m hoping I get a laugh or two which will make me feel a little better.

I’ve learned new things being at a bigger theater.  For one I didn’t realize that turn table rehearsal was so important.  Seriously.  I had never walked on the stage at TBR until this summer and I didn’t even realize there was a turntable there.  Its been an interesting experience riding along waiting for cues and lines.  Its also been an adjustment moving from the much smaller social room to the stage.  Its more room and you have to know what lane you are in and you have to know where the wings cover up things.  Try doing that and remembering you lines and notes and dance moves on a Wednesday night when you have barely slept all week, are sick and haven’t eaten all day.  But the amazing thing about it all is I don’t care.  I’m excited to go to the theater every single day.  I may be sleepy or hungry but I will never complain about this experience.  This has been my dream for so long.  I am savoring it all.

I am especially loving the time I get to spend with my other cast members.  I am usually a very introverted person but everyone is so kind and welcoming you can’t be like that.  I love laughing with my mersisters.  I love talking to the youngins about silly things.  I love being clueless about notes with my alto buddies.  I love talking drag race with my guys.  This has been everything I’ve dreamed of and more and we aren’t even to the good part yet.

So if you are in the Baton Rouge area in June come and see us!  You can get your tickets here:

And take a look at these amazing cast mates of mine.



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