BSOD 2016

There is no denying my love for dancing.  I get excited every year when I get to photograph for my favorite dance company Brittney’s School of Dance.  I’ve known Brittney pretty much my entire life.  When I was a youngster taking dance at Bunny’s we took a pointe class together.  She isn’t much older than me but I just remember her being one of the awesome older girls that we just idolized.  Not long after high school she opened her own studio just down the street from my house.  I wish I would have been able to take classes with her but sadly we was poor lol.  But much to my delight in 9th grade I started working for Mr Bobby and he has always taken her pictures.  Actually he took our pictures when we were little at Bunny’s too.

I always love seeing what she comes up with.  Her dances are original and fun.  They are thought provoking and funny.  Her teachers are amazing too!  I’ve known Lacie just about as long as Brittney and she is the best hip hop teacher I’ve ever seen.  And Taylor and Kristen are so awesome.  I’ve watched them grow up  through their dance pictures and its amazing to see the beautiful young women they have turned out to be.

I loved seeing the children of girls I used to dance with.  It makes my heart smile to see Brittney and Lacie and Erin’s little ones dancing side by side.

I also love seeing kiddos of my friends who just have the most beautiful glow around them from the excitement of being on the stage.

I was exhausted after full day of recital with probably the heaviest camera known to man but it was so worth it.  I love doing this.  I hope I will get to for many years to come.


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