I Miss Show Choir

The more I have been doing the show and gaining new friends and having wonderful experiences the more I am missing my babies.  I loved doing theater at my job but my true love was Show Choir.  I had such a special connection with my kids.  I love each and everyone of them to this day as if they were my own.

So last night I decided to look back on some of their accomplishments over the years.  I started off working with them doing a tap number from Thoroughly Modern Millie.  They were really troopers even though they did not know how to tap dance.  Terry was in the oil field at that time so I had lots of time on my hands.  I made every one of them head pieces for this dance and it all turned out so cute.

The next year may have been my favorite year of show choir.  We had gained 2 boys.  We were getting more confident in our singing and dancing.  The kids were excited about the set list.  Our first show of the year was called the Fall Fiesta.  It was Halloween themed and we decided what else can we do but Thriller!  The kids dressed as zombies and KILLED IT!!!  It was then that I realized that these kids responded to costumes. They were so much more invested when they became someone else.  This also changed the reputation of the group.  No one laughed or poked fun at them.  They cheered and loudly and it was the change they needed.

Lastly I went looking for my favorite dance that I choreographed. It was a hard one for me.  There are several that I liked.  We did an 80s wedding version of the cheesy video of the couple dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown.  We did a super fun version of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy with such great costumes and enthusiasm.  But I think my favorite is when we did Alice.  I had seen a number on So You Think You Can Dance to the David Bowie song Fame.  It was set on the grass as though it were almost a fancy My Fair Lady tea party.  I was really inspired by this and decided I could do a tea party dance.  I looked through all sorts of sheet music and then I found it. There was the theme from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  It was so cool and eerie.  It was different than anything I’d heard looking at sheet music.  This turned out I think to be my favorite dance.  It was a mix of contemporary and ballet.  It had props and costumes.  I just loved it.

I know these are no fancy productions but they brought me life for 3 years.  I miss these kids everyday.  I love them so much.  Hopefully one day I will be able to be a part of it again.  But until then I have so much to be proud of.  Not just their work but who they have turned out to be.


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