Broadway Inspiration : Dogfight


Since being in the Little Mermaid I’ve had the opportunity to be around lots of people who are interested in the same things as me.  We talk a lot (and sing a lot) about Broadway shows we love. We were talking the other day about shows we would like to be in or shows we would like to see at the theater.  One of my mersisters, Sydnee, said she was in a show called Dogfight.  I’d heard of this show but knew absolutely nothing about it.  She was saying how great the music is.  I kept the show title in the back of my head but didn’t get to look into it.

A few days later I was driving to pick up lunch in between shows and had Spotify on.  I was listening to the Last Five Years.  Since I don’t have premium sometimes some songs slip in that aren’t on the playlist.  A song started playing and I immediately connected with it.  It was amazing and heart wrenching and just so good.  I looked down to see what the song was and low and behold it was from Dogfight.

So of course I decided to look into the show.  It was some sort of sign.  Turns out its a pretty great plot and the music is super catchy.  Its a little risque sometimes but still great.  So for your listening pleasure below is the song that caught my attention.  Its called Pretty Funny.  Its the end of the first act when the main character Rose finds out what a “dogfight” really is.


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