Mermaid Chronicles: TECH week

We have finally made it to the home stretch of rehearsals.  All that is left is dress rehearsals and a preview and then its opening night!  Before all this can happen though there is the crazy of tech.

Saturday was a very long day of basically doing nothing…well at least for me.  The tech crew however was working like crazy people to get through hugely technical show.  There are tons of scene changes from a giant ship in the water to scuttle and his birds on their perch.  Then there is the underwater kingdom and the one on land.  There are giant chairs and shells and beds moving around in the wings and backstage.  Its craziness!

Sunday though definitely took up for the sitting and waiting on Saturday.  We saw a lot of our costumes for the first times.  We had costume malfunctions and re fittings.  We tried out makeup for the first time.  We tried on wigs for the first time.  We had so many things thrown at us and the dressing room is only so big.  I’ve also got some crazy quick changes going on.  Did I mention that my dressing room is upstairs?  Yea so running off stage in big poofy dresses and heels made for an interesting night.  If I don’t lose 20 pounds doing this show I would be surprised.

We were supposed to end the evening at 10pm.  Then it was 11pm.  Then it was lets just power through until we are done.  We stopped a little after midnight.  We weren’t able to get through the whole show.And I learned nothing is more defeating than running up stairs to do a quick change and finding out that we are stopping for the night after killing yourself to get said quick change done.  All that said though I’m having the time of my life.  It was my birthday and everyone sang for me and sweet Lauren brought me a birthday gift and balloons.  This experience is more than just putting on a show.  This is making bonds with so many amazing people that I’m so incredibly grateful for.  Hopefully the rest of the week runs smoothly.  And hopefully I can find some time to sleep before opening night.


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