Myers Briggs and Disney

When I finished high school I won a leadership trip to Washington DC for two weeks.  While we were there we took the Myers Briggs personality test.  When I was 18 years old I was an INFJ.  11 years later and after taking the quiz again I am still and INFJ.  Take the test here.

You can be a combination of the following when taking the test.


Its a little weird but my personality seems to fit my letters to a T.


While sitting in the green room during shows we some how stumbled upon the topic of the test.  It was interesting to see how others test results compared to my own.  I was not surprised to find that I was one of the only introverts in the room.  I would imagine that most introverts aren’t very interested in being on the stage.

Because we are in a Disney themed show we are all of course Disney obsessed.  Somehow the test came up in conversation mixed with Disney characters.  We have spent several shows googling and pinteresting Disney characters that match our personality. It is great fun.  You can look up more than just Disney characters.  While having discussions in my office we’ve found matching characters for Grey’s Anatomy, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games.  Disney is my favorite though.  According to most things I seem to have the personality of Pocahontas and I’m cool with that.

If you are looking for something to do with co-workers to learn who to work best as a team this test is definitely the way to go.  Its interesting for sure.



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