A Tribute to Emiley


Early this year a beautiful soul was lost.  Emiley Gassie Thibodeaux was tragically lost in an accidental shooting.  She was so young.  She was loved by so many.  I knew her for many years as an amazing dancer.  She stood out among the others as someone who was passionate about what she was doing.  I also loved watching her interact with the little girls when she was a dance teacher.  This spilled over into her career as she became a 3rd grade teacher with students who adored her.


I had the pleasure of photographing Emiley dance for many years.

After her passing Emiley’s nieces asked the studio owner if she could do a dance in honor of her.  Of course she said yes.  However the owner felt a calling that she needed to do more.  She needed to call back studio alumni to dance for this beautiful angel.  As I sat on the steps taking photographs I felt a surge of emotion.  I’m not a believer in ghost or spirits but when the music started the whole theater fell silent and it got very cold.  Every step was perfect and had meaning.  When the alumni dancers entered the stage it was nothing short of breath taking.  There are no words for how that dance made me feel so instead I will let you see it through my eyes.  These photographs are not perfect but they show real emotion.  RIP sweet Emiley you are truly missed.


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