OMG Joey Fatone!!!

Everyone falls in love with a celebrity at some point in their lives.  For me personally my first love was Leonardo Dicaprio.  But my love for Leo is nothing in comparison for my love of Joey Fatone.  Yes the guy from NSYNC. I love cherish and adore that man.  I would leave my husband without question if he asked me to.  I just can’t even describe my love.

My love for NSYNC dates back to circa 1997.  I was a hater of the backstreet boys at the time and jumped on the bandwagon as soon as I Want You Back came on the radio.  I remember sitting at home waiting for TRL to come on so that I could get a glimpse of the latest video or interview. I could, actually still can, sing all of the lyrics to every single song on every single cd.  My room was covered in posters and cut outs from Teen Beat magazine of the band but most of all Joey.

When I got to high school my love for him did not wane.  I remember adding his song Ready to Fall to my iPod when the movie On the Line came out.  To this day that song remains on there no matter what other music changes.  I remember absolutely having to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding because he was in it.  I watched the Singing Bee and got the board game when he was the host.  I watched Dancing with the Stars religiously when he was a contestant.  Seriously I love this man.  I almost cried when he got married.

They always say you carry your first love with you forever and this is true.  I LOVE YOU JOEY FATONE!  Call me 😉


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