Show Choir Lock Ins

With a new crop of show choir kids coming up I’ve been trying to outdo my yearly tradition…Show Choir Lock In.  Every year since the group started we spend the night in the school auditorium and madness ensues.  Because I love a good theme we have had some crazy themed lock ins.  My favorite was the Hunger Games.  I spent hours upon hours making crazy slideshows, games, and gathering props to have a wild night of fun.  The choir was broken into districts but they were not the normal Hunger Games ones…we were Broadway district.  I know I know….so cheesy.  We had the Lion King District, the Les Miserables district, the Hairspray district and in each one there were 3 to 4 characters from each show.  Hey I had a lot of time on my hands that summer no judgement.

The group leaders dressed up as capital members.

We played district games.  For example we had a Phantom of the Opera district where the team members had to light candles and follow and obstacle course without the light going out.  We had a Les Miserables district where team members had to build a barricade with whatever items you could find.  There was the Annie district where you had to find hidden toys.  We also had the Lion King district where members were blindfolded and guided through the jungle by their team.  You could also get bonus points for singing the circle of life at the end.  We also played tracker jacker tag to find out who the kids buddies were.

The kids enjoyed themselves so much while bonding with each other through out the night.  They learned what their set list would be for the year.  They learned choreography that would be used during the year.  They even got to have a little fun and learn a beyonce dance.  One of my favorite parts of the lock ins is a game we play with little buddies.  Each couple takes a word out of a cup.  Together they must figure out a song that has that word in it.  We have heard all kinds of songs and seen many silly dances while playing this game.  I am looking forward to this years lock in but I will always treasure the times we spent with these awesome kids.



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