Show Choir Throw Back


If you can’t tell by some of my post I really miss working with my show choir kids.  Its been several years since I was able to do anything with them and there are days where I dream of walking back into that choir room and planning a show.  I am also very aware that it was my time to go.  There is no way I could do the things I did then.  My job, while still the same, has become more demanding. I’m also in school and spending a lot of my free time with the theater.  While I am fulfilled in my creative outlets, nothing will compare to the feeling of collaborating with my kiddos.

For this throw back I want to share what was possibly one of my favorite numbers.  The theme for the end of year show was Stage and Screen.  That year I tried to utilize my kids talent.  I had some really creative kids who could act, some that were amazing singers and some that were talented dancers.  Instead of trying to make them fit into a mold I wanted to embrace their differences.

I chose to do a number from Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland.  The tune would showcase their musical abilities.  I could also use it to play out a tea party.  That summer I was inspired by a piece of work on So You Think You Can Dance.  It was a garden party set to David Bowie’s Fame.  In my brain I could see dancing with teacups and red queens calling for heads.

The kids worked very hard.  They were so excited to see who was cast as each character.  The high school art class created tea cups for us.  Everyone was excited working on moves and creating costumes.  I enjoyed this dance and this show so much.  Again I would like to remember Anabelle who is no longer with us.  She was a feisty red queen and she is certainly missed.


Bring on the Funk

For today’s post I decided to go with Day 2 on the music challenge, music that reminds you of your parents.

My parents have not been together since I was 4 years old but when it comes to this subject they are exactly the same.  My parents are both 50 something year old south Louisiana folks.  From that description you may think they are country music fans or even cajun music people.  Nope.  If you asked me to describe the type of music that reminds me of my parents I can say it in one word…FUNK.

Growing up we spent every other weekend with my dad.  He lived in places that were at least 20 minutes away so that usually meant a good bit of time spent together in the car.  While I did learn to appreciate Whoop There It Is 18155_882468094935_7570479_n on his watch, it was the funk peeps that are what I always remember.  We listed to the Gap Band, Dazz Band and so many others.  I distinctly remember him naming every female we knew saying they had a big ole butt while listening to a funk classic Doin the Butt.  When I got married I told my dad that there was no way we were doing some silly Butterfly Kisses father/daughter dance.  We were going to bring it back to our basics and jam out.  We ended up dancing to Let it Whip and my Dad sang all of the words just like I knew he would.  I have even gone so far as to make a Dad Music playlist on my Spotify when I really need to get in the groove.

We spent the majority of our time with my mom.  While she loved her some Rod Stewart we always loved to hear her stories about going out to Friscos and listening to this fun music.  Friscos was apparently a teen club that my mom and her best friends would go to on the weekends.  I’ve heard her talk about dragging my poor uncle out because he was the only one at the house who would drive them.   1928793_550228665415_879_n

The song I remember her talking about the most was called Humpin.  Oh yes you heard that right.  The lyrics are literally “you’ve got me humpin day and night baby”.  Yep my mother let us listen to that lol.  Not only did she let us listen to it she rocked out with us as we got ready to go our ourselves.  I’m a lover of all kinds of music but Funk will forever have a special place in my heart.

Just in case you’ve never heard the Humpin song….your welcome.

Month Long Challenge

I will be the first to admit that I have been the worst blogger ever created as of late.  I had the best time blogging last summer while I was doing Little Mermaid and for some reason life happened and I just couldn’t push myself to blog.  I’ve tried to get back into the swing of the things.  I’ve created over 50 draft titles but every time I look at them I don’t feel inspired.  Since I like to use this as a stress relief I didn’t want to invest time in it if my heart wasn’t there.  So instead I have found some challenges of things that my heart loves…movies, music and Disney.  I have decided to get myself excited about writing again I am going to combine 3 challenges to make me happy to post again.

So here we go Day 1.

Movie Challenge:  Last Movie You Watched


The last movie I watched was Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.  I waited to watch this one until it came out on DVD because I just wasn’t sure if I was going to like.  I love the world of Harry Potter so much and after reading the Cursed Child and being a little disappointed I didn’t want that feeling with this too.  Luckily I didn’t feel that disappointment when I finished this movie.  I thought the acting was amazing especially Eddy Redmayne.  It still felt like the Harry Potter world but it has its own character to it.  I like the era its set in.  I loved the fashion of the time period.  I love the New York characters.  I wish they would have ventured into the magic a little more but with several sequels coming out I think they can do that.   I give this one 4 stars!

Music Challenge:  A Song From Your Childhood

If you are going to have me pick a song from my childhood it has to be something from a show I loved as a child.  When I was little there was a show called Sharon, Lois and Bramm.  I can not tell you anything about them except that they sang a song with and elephant.  They finished every show with the same song and it had little hand motions that went along with it.  If I hear this it automatically takes me back to sitting in the living room at my Mawmaws with no pants hamming it



Check out the video of the song and see if you remember too!



Disney Challenge:  Favorite Movie


There can be no question what my favorite Disney movie is.  Nothing will ever compare to the love I have for Ariel.  I dreamed of being a mermaid.  I cried when I got to play one on stage.  I still think Prince Eric is the most handsome cartoon there ever was.  I still wish that Terry had proposed to me with Kiss the Girl playing in the background.  For me there is literally nothing better.

Day 3: 10 Songs You Love Right Now

I love all kinds of music.  Old, new, country, rock, show tunes.  If I dig it I’m going to listen to it.  Here are my top 10 jams right now that I can’t stop playing on repeat in my car.

1.  No One Needs To Know – Shania Twain

2.  Forget Me Not – Civil Wars

3.  Something To Talk About – Bonnie Rait

4. Up To The Mountain – Kelly Clarkson

5.  Violin – Amos Lee

6.  Take Me To Church – Hoiser (Glee Version)

7.  GDFR – Flo Rida

8.  Only Prettier – Miranda Lambert

9.  Free Ride – Edgar Winter Group

10. Tightrope – Janelle Monae