Audible Review: Girls & Boys

I love reading but with a crazy lifestyle I don’t get to do it as often as I would like.  A few months ago I got a free month of Audible and decided I would give it a try.  I was skeptical because I am a real book kind of girl.  I like to hold a book in my hand.  I like to dog down the pages to save my place and I like to pull the spine back and see my progress.  Because of this I have never been into Kindles or Nooks or whatever you want to read on electronically.  But the thought of being able to put my headphones on and fall into a story was appealing enough to make me give it a go.

I love it! I have listened to a few books but last month I got an email that said that you could pick 2 free options from a small list.  I looked an saw that an Emma Thompson narrated version of Emma was available and I was super excited.  I wasn’t sure what else to pick but I saw that Carey Mulligan had narrated one so I chose that.


Boys & Girls debuted this Feburary at the Royal Court Theatre in London staring Carey Mulligan.  It was written by Dennis Kelly, an English writer and playwright most notably known for his work on Mathilda the Musical. Unlike the playful song and dance of his musical work, Girls & Boys is a serious venture into the world of a mother. The mother does not have a name but she is the only presence on the stage for the 90-minute work.

I didn’t research the story at all before I started listening and I didn’t realize that it was a play. Once I caught on I was slightly confused because I felt as though I had missed something.  It was very different to listen to,what really feels like, a very long monologue as opposed to seeing it.  It took me a minute but as I listened I could image the character.  It was almost as though she were telling me a story.  Just having a conversation between ladies.  Something that could easily be said over lunch or more likely on a therapist couch.

It spent a solid hour and a half with my headphones and listened to the entire story.  There should have been a mascara alert somewhere because I was not prepared for the gut wrenching turn that takes place as she tells this story.  Carey Mulligan is in a word, BRILLIANT.  I have never really had any feelings toward her as an actress.  I’ve never watched her in something and thought “wow she was the best part of the movie”.  However, in this piece she carries the story so beautifully that you are 100% engaged the entire time.

I do not want to spoil anything so I will not go into the details of the plot but this is a beautifully written story that should be shared.  I am linking a more detailed review from below for those who are so inclined to read more.  This was defiantly worth the time.



Play By Play: Movie Edition


Well blogging again needed to start somewhere.  On my search for blog post ideas I thought about doing a movie play by play.  You know like they do on Buzzfeed.  We just got a Hulu subscription.  We’ve barely used it so there is plenty of options for us to choose from.  Of course I go straight to the “Back to the 80s” section and look for a good movie.  I stopped on the Love is a Battlefield topic and there it was…Fatal Attraction!  Neither of us have seen it and its a boring Tuesday night so why not.  So without further ado here is our Fatal Attraction play by play.


  • T “what is this movie about?”
  • You know its the one with the crazy lady who boils the bunny
  • Oh man that kid is watching old school Nickelodeon and people are getting slimmed.  I miss that.
  • Did Micheal Douglas always look like a middle aged man?
  • That is Michael Douglas right?
  • T “yes dear”
  • T ” the child repeating shit down the hallway would so be my kid”
  • Glenn Close has scary eyes right off the bat.  You should have known she was trouble.
see crazy eyes
  • Is the old guy with the neck brace from the Parent Trap with Lindsey Lohan?
  • Hold on IMDB it
  • Yep that’s the grandpa
  • T “I’m sorry she is not cute at all”
  • Hello that escalated quickly
  • Is water a sexy foreplay thing?  Is that normal? and why are you trying to walk with your pants at your ankles
  • There are some serious red flags already this lady is nuts
  • This lady is nuts, it deserves a repeat
  • I mean for reals she is nuts
  • Did she just try to kill herself?!?!?
  • I’m sorry but your wife is way more attractive than the crazy broad
  • Oh Sookie’s grandma is his secretary
  • The crazy lady is showing up at your work.  Shoulda got a restraining order then
  • She literally spent 2 days with the guy and she has officially lost her mind.  That must have been some good lovin
  • T “I’m bored.  I’m going get chips and salsa”
  • Oh Herman Munster. So many fun people along with the crazy
  • I need to IMDB this movie
  • Its as old as I am
  • This movie may be 30 years old but crazy girls still pulling this today.  Spend one weekend together and they are in love and prego.
  • Don’t sneak in her house she gonna find you!
  • Glenn Close man you really making me believe in your crazy
  • Ah snap the crazy has made her way into your house and is having tea with your wife
  • So much for changing your number.  The crazy lady ain’t stupid
  • T “I bet she isn’t even pregnant”
  • uh oh poor bunny doesn’t even know what its in for
  • Why hasn’t somebody sent this lady to therapy
  • When was the last time we had a car with a cassette player in it
  • Ok I can’t anymore I’m cheating
  • I really can’t tell if the kid is a boy or a girl.  Ellen or Alan?
  • Poor Bunny
  • Poor Wife
  • Legit this lady is nuts.  I don’t even think I can say it enough
  • Was that lovin really worth it Michael Douglas, I don’t think so
  • You know she ain’t dead
  • T “yes she is he drowned her”
  • *crazy lady jumps out of the water* told you
  • stupid man coulda killed that psycho how many times now and the wife had to take care of business.
  • Crazy….All of it

Well that was fun but next time maybe we will pick one that isn’t full of psychos.  Have a good Wednesday everyone.