Pack up + Go

Today one of my co-workers was telling us about an article she read about a start up company called Pack Up + Go.  It sounded so awesome I had to look it up myself.

This company provides something similar to what a travel agent could do but so much better.  Its all a SURPRISE!  That’s right you book with them and you don’t get to find out where you are going until the day it happens.  The company plans 3 day/2 night trips all across the US.  You can choose a budget and whether you want to travel by air or road trip.  Then you fill out an extensive survey to help them plan for you.

You can book packages as inexpensive at $350 per person for a road trip and $450 for flying.  Transportation and lodging are the only things included in the price so you do need to save up for food and activities but they give you a map with awesome suggestions of places to eat, things to see, and things to do.
I just think this sounds so great.  The worst part of a trip to me is the planning….unless its Disney World.  I always want to  try new things but I get nervous not knowing about new places.  The cool thing about this site is that they have people in all of the places they send you to that can vouch for the places they suggest.  They also like to send you to interesting places off the beaten path which sounds much better than a Holiday Inn on the main highway somewhere.  Plus I would love someone to send me to a place where you would never think to go.  Another cool thing about it is that you only need 3 weeks advance notice to plan.  So if you decided at the beginning of the month you want to do something you can be on a plane by the end.  Check out this article which is much better at detailing the experience than me.  Also go check out their website, Pack Up + Go and their Facebook page, Pack Up Go Facebook, to read testimonials from travels and see pictures from their adventures.
This may just be the ticket for our next wedding anniversary.