Idiot Report

american idiot

Next week I will start a new theater journey.  I will be moving from my comfort zone in the U High auditorium to the big leagues of Theater Baton Rouge.  I know this may sound silly but I’m slightly terrified.  I have plenty of experience running a rehearsal.  I’ve done as much as one can do in the theater without having any formal training so it really won’t be that bad but I’m still scared.  Is it the fear of the unknown?  Is it the fact that I have to learn to sink or swim?  Is it the fact that when I’m on book I’ll have to be reading lots of expletives and somehow I know my Mawmaw will find out?  Who knows really.

I am excited about this show though.  With the exception of the Little Mermaid I’ve only ever done things backstage.  Its been over 2 years since I’ve been able to be a part of a production staff or tech crew.  Its hard work.  Most people don’t realize how much has to happen behind the curtain for the magic on stage to work.  But this is work that I enjoy doing.  Just to say you helped with the creative process and worked with people to get an amazing end product is so rewarding.

So next week will officially start my new blog series titled the Idiot Report.  I’m excited to share what working on the other side will be like, the different relationships I will form this time around and how things work in a different theater space.  Thank goodness I don’t hate em cause its about to be Green Day all day everyday!



Mermaid Chronicles: Last Edition

Now that I’ve had time to process that this amazing adventure is officially over its time to close out this chapter of blogging.  I’ve learned so many things from this experience.  Some of the things I will carry with me are:

  1. Get a good dresser!  If you have multiple quick changes in a show a good dresser is the key to your success.  Ms Marie was AMAZING!  Especially when the two of us teamed up with Sydnee to get things accomplished I was not stressing about if I could get to places on time.
  2. Wearing jazz shoes for 3 months will kill your feet, your back, and your ankles.  They are basically walking barefoot with a small piece of leather between you and the ground and a heel that digs into your foot.  So make sure to ice those ankles and wear supportive shoes when you can.
  3. Being silly can make even the worst day better.  A good game of heads up in the green room, a funny costume or wig swap or even just a good snapchat photo session can pick up the mood among the cast.
  4. There is gonna be a little bit of drama but that’s ok.  Sometime a diva moment will happen.  Sometimes cast mates will butt heads.  Sometimes you wanna throw something when you can’t find your eyelash glue.  But it will all be ok.  We would not be in theater business if we didn’t like a little drama.
  5. Be prepared!  Think of every single possible thing you would need and add it to your bag.  I was thankful for the many articles and pin boards I read before setting up my dressing room.  I had scissors, meds, clear nail polish, extra bobby pins, q-tips and so many other things that were helpful to not just me but my friends around me.

Most importantly take the time to get to know people you are working with.  These are your people.  You all are there for the same reason…you love theater!  Why else would you subject yourself to months of rehearsal and no social life.  Its for the joy you get to see on a tiny child’s face when they meet a mermaid.  Its for the 6 part harmony that can bring an audience to its feet.  Its for the high fives after nailing a really hard dance.  These people are there for you.  They share your struggle and there is so much to learn from them.  Nothing is more fun than a room full of girls ranging in ages from middle schoolers to seasoned pros all singing Whitney Houston in harmony.  I love those people!

I will be starting a new theater adventure in a few weeks therefore I will be starting a new series of blogs but I do have to say how very special this has been.

Mermaid Chronicles: Meet the Sisters

One of the best parts of being in this show is getting to know my cast mates and making new friends.  Although I absolutely love and adore everyone, the people I spend the most time with and are the closest to are my sisters.  They are all super special to me.  We range in ages from 19 to 32.  This doesn’t seem to matter at all.  I’ve spent time with each of them individually and they are some of the finest ladies I know.  Sydnee is the most caring person, even if she wouldn’t admit it, who gives me the best suggestions on musicals to listen to.  Anna is so incredibly sweet and I can’t wait to work with her on another show when this one is done.  Emily is such a hardworking individual, I really admire her.  Sarah has the most amazing voice and I feel like I am better at everything I do on stage just because I’m standing next to her.  My two old lady buddies Holly and Jamie have made this experience worth every second.  I love sitting around gossiping with them or getting crazy looks while we are out at whole foods.  I love sharing peanut butter pretzels and starting the cool spot in the back of the theater.  All of these girls will forever hold a special place in my heart.  I will miss them terribly after this last week of shows is done.

allanaandrinaaquataarielarista and adella

Mermaid Chronicles: TECH week

We have finally made it to the home stretch of rehearsals.  All that is left is dress rehearsals and a preview and then its opening night!  Before all this can happen though there is the crazy of tech.

Saturday was a very long day of basically doing nothing…well at least for me.  The tech crew however was working like crazy people to get through hugely technical show.  There are tons of scene changes from a giant ship in the water to scuttle and his birds on their perch.  Then there is the underwater kingdom and the one on land.  There are giant chairs and shells and beds moving around in the wings and backstage.  Its craziness!

Sunday though definitely took up for the sitting and waiting on Saturday.  We saw a lot of our costumes for the first times.  We had costume malfunctions and re fittings.  We tried out makeup for the first time.  We tried on wigs for the first time.  We had so many things thrown at us and the dressing room is only so big.  I’ve also got some crazy quick changes going on.  Did I mention that my dressing room is upstairs?  Yea so running off stage in big poofy dresses and heels made for an interesting night.  If I don’t lose 20 pounds doing this show I would be surprised.

We were supposed to end the evening at 10pm.  Then it was 11pm.  Then it was lets just power through until we are done.  We stopped a little after midnight.  We weren’t able to get through the whole show.And I learned nothing is more defeating than running up stairs to do a quick change and finding out that we are stopping for the night after killing yourself to get said quick change done.  All that said though I’m having the time of my life.  It was my birthday and everyone sang for me and sweet Lauren brought me a birthday gift and balloons.  This experience is more than just putting on a show.  This is making bonds with so many amazing people that I’m so incredibly grateful for.  Hopefully the rest of the week runs smoothly.  And hopefully I can find some time to sleep before opening night.

Broadway Inspiration : Dogfight


Since being in the Little Mermaid I’ve had the opportunity to be around lots of people who are interested in the same things as me.  We talk a lot (and sing a lot) about Broadway shows we love. We were talking the other day about shows we would like to be in or shows we would like to see at the theater.  One of my mersisters, Sydnee, said she was in a show called Dogfight.  I’d heard of this show but knew absolutely nothing about it.  She was saying how great the music is.  I kept the show title in the back of my head but didn’t get to look into it.

A few days later I was driving to pick up lunch in between shows and had Spotify on.  I was listening to the Last Five Years.  Since I don’t have premium sometimes some songs slip in that aren’t on the playlist.  A song started playing and I immediately connected with it.  It was amazing and heart wrenching and just so good.  I looked down to see what the song was and low and behold it was from Dogfight.

So of course I decided to look into the show.  It was some sort of sign.  Turns out its a pretty great plot and the music is super catchy.  Its a little risque sometimes but still great.  So for your listening pleasure below is the song that caught my attention.  Its called Pretty Funny.  Its the end of the first act when the main character Rose finds out what a “dogfight” really is.

Mermaid Chronicles: Tech and Opening

I haven’t been able to post lately because my life has pretty much been consumed by Mermaid.  This is not a bad thing….its just a tiring thing.  The show opened last week but before you can open there is tech.  Otherwise know as hell with better lighting.

So much crazy happens within a few days time.  Sets are painted and moved.  Some new prop is added everyday. For our preview night poor Ariel didn’t even have thingamabobs to sing about.  Costumes were changed and added to.  I personally went through a round of wig combinations before we figured out what worked.  Plus adding the insane technical elements to this show proved to be a bit overwhelming.  There are rows of bubbles flying in and out, giant boats moving backstage and people flying through the air you have to look out for.

As the week progressed we got to preview night with all of our friends and family.  There was so much love in the room.  Even if the show wasn’t perfect, for them it was.  I got really emotional at the end of the show.  It was a dream come true finally.  I had made it onto the stage at Theater Baton Rouge after years of trying.  Its not Broadway but for me its basically the same.  I have tried very hard to find my place in this world.  I thought I had found it and then got knocked down by life and had to try again.  Finding myself in this place with these people has been an experience that words just can not describe.  I have never been surrounded by so much love and support.  It really does something to be surrounded by positive energy.

So far we have done 6 shows, some harder to do than others but all amazing.  I’ve learned quickly that a good audience can mean the difference between an good night and a bad one.  I’ve also learned to get out of the tech crews way or they will run you over.  It also really stinks to not be able to talk at all backstage when all of the mics are hot.  All in all though I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The original run of the show is SOLD OUT.  There has also been an extension added that is selling pretty fast too!  I’m so happy to live the mermaid life and can’t wait to see what else is in store.

Mermaid Chronicles: Workday

Yesterday I woke up bright and early on a Saturday for Mermaid workday. After getting my new kitten the night before and being woken up early that morning as though he was an infant I was not all that excited about it.  But I had a great morning with my awesome cast.

We were given a tutorial about flying set pieces and how many tech crew members there are going to be. After all of that overwhelming information we were given our assignments. I was not up for handling power tools at such an early hour so I joined the paint crew. After painting my entire home I knew I didn’t want to be on the roller crew. So I got assigned to the boat from the Kiss the Girl scene. Which is my favorite part of the whole movie. I got to work with Prince Eric and Arista and a maid. It was the best lol. No really I had such a good time cutting up with everyone and getting paint everywhere.

The best part was when they turned the radio on and it was nothing but Beyoncé and show tunes and we all knew them. We all loved the same things. And in that moment I realized I have finally done it. I have finally figured out my place. These are my people. This is where I am supposed to be.  To quote Ariel “this is where I belong”. And I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Even now I am sitting in the Studio at the theater helping with auditions for Evangeline which is also making me super happy. I have always been the crazy person who loves this show that no one knows about. Now this whole space is full of people who live it and breathe and wrote it for goodness sake! I’m so very happy.

Mermaid Chronicles: The Process

I’ve been sort of down since we had to put down my poor puppy a few weeks ago so I haven’t really felt much like blogging.  I did remind myself today though that I use this as a positive outlet.  So since its been a very long week full or rehearsal and walking pneumonia, I thought this might cheer me up.

We are officially off book!  We are doing run throughs of acts and last night we did the whole show.  Today we get to have designer run through which I am excited about.  I’ve been trying very hard to raise my confidence and skills because let me tell you I’ve got some seriously talented sisters.  They make me want to do better and try harder.  So tonight when some new faces are in the audience I’m hoping I get a laugh or two which will make me feel a little better.

I’ve learned new things being at a bigger theater.  For one I didn’t realize that turn table rehearsal was so important.  Seriously.  I had never walked on the stage at TBR until this summer and I didn’t even realize there was a turntable there.  Its been an interesting experience riding along waiting for cues and lines.  Its also been an adjustment moving from the much smaller social room to the stage.  Its more room and you have to know what lane you are in and you have to know where the wings cover up things.  Try doing that and remembering you lines and notes and dance moves on a Wednesday night when you have barely slept all week, are sick and haven’t eaten all day.  But the amazing thing about it all is I don’t care.  I’m excited to go to the theater every single day.  I may be sleepy or hungry but I will never complain about this experience.  This has been my dream for so long.  I am savoring it all.

I am especially loving the time I get to spend with my other cast members.  I am usually a very introverted person but everyone is so kind and welcoming you can’t be like that.  I love laughing with my mersisters.  I love talking to the youngins about silly things.  I love being clueless about notes with my alto buddies.  I love talking drag race with my guys.  This has been everything I’ve dreamed of and more and we aren’t even to the good part yet.

So if you are in the Baton Rouge area in June come and see us!  You can get your tickets here:

And take a look at these amazing cast mates of mine.


Mermaid Chronicles: Under the Sea

Sunday night was a choreography rehearsal.  I am not in the big dance crew so I wasn’t called until later.  When I walked into the studio the ensemble members were all over  the floor looking completely exhausted.  I thought to myself if that’s what we are in for I’m about to be in trouble.  Since I was early I worked with some of my Mersisters on our dance while the others finished up.

Finally it was our turn to join the group.  The Mersisters are jellyfish in this number.  We had a good time pretending like our jellyfish were doing a Mardi Gras Second Line since they are on some sort of stick we pretended to hold the whole time.  I was happy that I got a little featured jellyfish part with another one of my sisters.  I don’t feel confident in my acting but dancing I got so I’m glad I’m able to show that.  The music is just as fun as the movie version but better because its longer with a long dance break.  I was in awe of my fellow cast mates and how they learned so much in such a short period of time.  This for sure is a high energy number.  I left feeling like I had taken a Zumba class and my sore muscles this morning are proving that it basically was one.

We are just starting on week 3 of rehearsals and we are already done with the first act!  Its insane to me how much faster community theater can move as opposed to my high school experience.  There is no way on this earth we would have finished a 5 minute song in a 3 hour rehearsal with very little break time.  They would have boycotted the show lol.  That being said I’m so glad to be spending my evenings with such talented people.  I can’t wait to watch the first act run through so I can see what everyone else has been doing in rehearsal.  Hopefully I don’t forget my 3 lines.  I feel like its almost harder to remember those than to learn 30 lines.

I can’t wait for everyone to be able to see the hard work we are putting into this production.  Until then here is a video of the Broadway version to get you excited!  Show starts in 1 month and 8 days!!!

Watch Under the Sea with this link

Next Season at TBR: American Idiot


In 2004 Green Day came out with an album that changed the music scene.  It was called American Idiot.  This album contain such hits as Boulevard of Broken Dreams, 21 Guns and the title song itself American Idiot.  Green Day had not been known for being a very political band before this time but that all changed.  The album caught the attention of director Michael Mayer.  Mayer was just coming off a world wind ride with Spring Awakening and was looking for a new project.  In 2010 American Idiot the Musical was born.

Set in a fictitious town in suburban America, this musical tells the story of a group of unsatisfied youth.  The story centers around 3 guys; one stuck at home with his newly pregnant girlfriend, one who is jaded with life in the city and joins the Army and one who falls for a girl in an apartment window while living through the life of a drug addicted alter ego.  You travel with these young men through a years worth of experiences of ups, downs, and everything in between.  The is a rock opera at its best.

Theater Baton Rouge will be running this show from August 19-28 in The Studio.  The show is rated R so it is really only appropriate for theater goers 16  and older.  If you are interested in being in this amazing show you should AUDITION!  Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 7th being at 12:00pm.  Auditions are by appointment only so call the box office and make your appointment.  Make sure to prepare 16-32 bars in the same style as the show but please stay away from singing Green Day.

Side bar to this post:

I am having an absolutely amazing time as a performer with the Little Mermaid, but I appreciate and love all the work that is done backstage as well.  With that being said I have agreed to become the assistant stage manager for this show.  That is right I am finally following my true passion and diving right in to the world of theater.  Not only will I be the ASM for this show but I will also be assistant stage managing for Evangeline the Musical.  I will also get to work with two amazing ladies while helping with these shows Caty Steward and Celeste Dearie.  I am extremely excited for the way things are going in my life right now.  I guess that saying “This Too Shall Pass” really does mean something.